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ray ban outlet uk 7 Things To Consider When Buying A New Perfume Or Cologne

7 Things To Consider When Buying A New Perfume Or Cologne

Some fragrance purists advise that it is best not wear a scent that’s too young for you. Of course, if you wear it well, right on.

A fifty year old man should probably avoid Abercrombie Fitch Fierce unless his thing is to bring out the young girl in the woman he plans to be around.

Other than personal gratification, why are you buying a new perfume for cologne? I find myself heading over to Macy’s in search of a new scent based on an upcoming event. That event could be a first date scenario, a second date event, a romantic encounter or special event such as a wedding.

As mentioned above, a first date scent should be a light something that enhances your personality, not define it. A second date cologne in my opinion is one that you would want to use to seal the deal.

A second date in some situations could be considered a second interview. I want to step it up just a bit on the fragrance tip.

When it comes to a romantic or special event scent, I want something that does define me. I want something that triggers a scent memory of a great time out with The Scent Bro. No matter how this thing ends, I want this cologne to be one that reminds her of me.

Take your spray bottle and hold it about 3 inches for your target point and let it rip. A shot of good cologne in a couple of these points should do you just fine. Dabbing a few drops on in this area will work just as well.

Another thought I have related to wearing a cologne comes into play when wash my butt (my phrase for taking a shower). I tend to avoid scented soaps that can interfere with my cologne. I don’t want my scent to fight a battle with my bath soap.

For that matter, with the exception of my bedding and towels, I don’t wash with anything scented for the same reason.

A perfume or cologne is basically a bottle of volatile essential oils (natural or synthetic) suspended in a filler that consists of either water and/or alcohol. The oils or scents tend to lose their power if they’re exposed to heat or light.

That said, the best place to store a cologne is somewhere devoid of light or heat. I would avoid the medicine chest as it could get a little warm in there. If you have a linen closet, stash your collection their.

The Scentimental Brotha (AKA Scent Bro) goes above and beyond by storing his scents in an old dorm room fridge left over from his Cool and dark this little container keeps my frags fresh and ready to go.

Gucci Sport

My continuing search for a spring 2010 scent led me to give my next fragrance a shot. Based on the notes, Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Sport released in this year seemed a logical choice. It goes without saying the citrus.

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